Yield App Acquires Trofi Group, Bringing Enhanced Yield Structured Products to Crypto

• Yield App, a digital wealth platform, has acquired Trofi Group, a platform that offers structured solutions for cryptocurrencies.
• The acquisition brings four new structured products to the Yield App product suite and makes Yield App one of the leading digital wealth platforms.
• The team at Trofi Group boasts of 30 years experience in derivatives desks at JP Morgan and HSBC, which will be utilized in building best-in-class crypto-structured products for Yield App customers.

Yield App, a digital wealth platform that offers safe custody of digital assets, yesterday announced the acquisition of Trofi Group, a platform that offers structured solutions for cryptocurrencies. This move adds four new structured products to the Yield App product suite and makes it one of the leading digital wealth platforms.

The team at Trofi Group boasts of 30 years experience in derivatives desks at JP Morgan and HSBC. This experience will be utilized in building best-in-class crypto-structured products for Yield App customers. The acquisition brings the total number of products offered by the platform to seven. It also gives Yield App the ability to bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto.

Commenting on the acquisition, the CEO of Yield App, Tim Frost, said: „The acquisition of Trofi Group establishes Yield App as a pioneer within the crypto-structured products arena, making us one of only a few platforms to bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto. We are grateful to the team at Trofi for trusting us to continue their excellent work in bringing enhanced yield structured products to crypto. We look forward to leveraging their expertise in this area to provide our customers with new opportunities to diversify their portfolios and increase their yield.“

The new products offered by Yield App through the acquisition of Trofi Group will include options, futures, swaps, and structured products. The platform is also working on introducing new products that will enable customers to access the yield potential of their crypto assets without having to sell them.

Yield App is committed to providing its customers with secure and valuable products. The acquisition of Trofi Group is just one step in that direction and Yield App looks forward to further strengthening its product suite and providing its customers with an unparalleled digital wealth experience.

Unlock Unending Fun and Profits with NFT Gaming!

• NFT gaming has become a global trend that responds to user needs and market circumstances.
• The Play to Earn model gave a powerful impetus to the growth of the NFT market and attracted a lot of users.
• However, the P2E model has difficulty retaining users since it is more challenging to make money in the red market and the games cannot offer anything interesting and engaging.

The non-fungible token (NFT) market has become an integral part of the crypto industry. It has evolved from funny cats into a global trend that responds to all market circumstances and user requirements. We have all witnessed the birth of NFT gaming and its several cycles of hype. The most powerful impetus for the jump was the appearance of good Play to Earn model implementation, where enthusiasts could earn thousands of dollars by completing in-game tasks.

Not surprisingly, this motivation attracted a lot of users and started a vast P2E craze, where projects claiming to develop a game received large trading volumes. Their essence is approximately the same – users need to buy in-game objects, resources, and tokens to earn rewards. Nevertheless, the Play to Earn model created a sustainable concept – NFT games are not for fun. They are for making money only.

The problem is that players do not support P2E games since making money during the red market is more challenging, and these games cannot offer anything interesting. Engagement and emotions are the key to success in gaming. A new branch of industry is emerging that listens to users and develops games emphasising engagement and emotions.

Combined with the best traditions of WEB 2.0 games, the use of NFT becomes the realisation of an exciting tool that allows players to immerse in addictive gameplay and unleash their creativity while engaging in the game. With the growing demand for more organic and user-friendly gaming experiences, NFT gaming will be a viable way to keep users engaged and entertained.

NFT gaming has the potential to be an excellent platform for users to make money and have fun. Developers are exploring ways to make the games more attractive and engaging to the users. This could be done by adding rewards, achievements, and competitions that can motivate players to stay in the game longer. Additionally, developers could also explore new ways to monetize the games, such as in-app purchases or crowdfunding options.

Ultimately, NFT gaming is here to stay and is likely to become a more significant part of the gaming industry in the near future. It has the potential to not only provide a platform for users to make money but also to create an immersive gaming experience that can keep users entertained for hours. With the right team, resources, and strategy, NFT gaming can become a powerful tool to generate profits and provide a fun experience for the users.

Crypto Prices Surge as Investors React to FTX News and Inflation Data

• Cryptocurrency prices had a strong week as investors reacted to the FTX bankruptcy proceedings and the latest American inflation data.
• AGIX, Aptos, and MULTI are three cryptocurrencies that saw significant price jumps this week.
• AGIX surged to a high of $0.130 this week, the highest point since October 14, and moved above the important resistance point at $0.072.

The cryptocurrency market had a strong week as investors reacted to the news of the FTX bankruptcy proceedings and the latest American inflation data. As investors moved into cryptocurrencies, some of the most popular tokens saw significant price jumps. AGIX, Aptos, and MULTI were among the cryptocurrencies that had strong gains.

AGIX is the native token for SingularityNet, a relatively small but fast-growing AI platform built on Cardano. This week, the AGIX crypto price surged to a high of $0.130, the highest point since October 14. It has jumped by more than 253% from the lowest point in 2022. It is unclear why the token rose but a likely reason is that it was in sync with other AI-focused coins.

Turning to the daily chart, we see that the token went parabolic this week. As it rose, it moved above the important resistance point at $0.072, the highest point on December 13. The coin managed to move above all moving averages and is now approaching the important resistance point at $0.136. In the same period, oscillators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the MACD have all surged. Therefore, it is likely that SingularityNet’s token is about to have a major pullback. If this happens, the next key support level to watch will be at $0.10, which is about 25% below the current level.

Aptos is a blockchain-based asset management platform that allows users to securely store and trade digital assets. This week, Aptos saw its price jump to a high of $0.0047, the highest point since October 2021. The coin has risen by more than 180% from its lowest point in 2021 and it appears to be in a strong uptrend.

On the daily chart, we see that Aptos has been in an uptrend since the beginning of the year. The coin has moved above all the moving averages and is now approaching the important resistance point at $0.0052. While the oscillators like the RSI and MACD are indicating that the coin could be overbought, I suspect that the coin could pullback before continuing its uptrend. The key support level to watch will be at $0.0034, which is about 25% below the current level.

Lastly, MULTI is a multi-asset blockchain platform that allows users to securely store and manage their digital assets. This week, MULTI saw its price jump to a high of $0.0037, the highest point since October 2021. The coin has risen by more than 140% from its lowest point in 2021 and it appears to be in a strong uptrend.

Looking at the daily chart, we see that MULTI has been in an uptrend since the beginning of the year. The coin has moved above all the moving averages and is now approaching the important resistance point at $0.0042. While the oscillators like the RSI and MACD are indicating that the coin could be overbought, I suspect that the coin could pullback before continuing its uptrend. The key support level to watch will be at $0.0028, which is about 25% below the current level.

Overall, AGIX, Aptos, and MULTI all had strong gains this week. While they may be overbought and in line for a pullback, the long-term trend appears to be positive and investors should keep an eye on these coins as they could be in for more gains.

Crypto.com Cuts 20% of Global Workforce Amid Market Downturn

• Crypto.com recently announced that it is laying off approximately 20% of its global workforce due to negative economic developments.
• Coinbase made similar layoffs days prior to Crypto.com’s announcement.
• Sources suggest that Crypto.com has 3500 to 4500 employees, meaning the 20% layoffs would affect about 700 to 900 employees.

Crypto.com, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced that it is reducing its global workforce by approximately 20%. This announcement comes after Coinbase, another major crypto firm, announced similar layoffs just days prior.

The CEO of Crypto.com, Kris Marszalek, cited poor market conditions and recent events in the industry as the reason for the layoffs. He stated, “Today we made the difficult decision to reduce our global workforce by approximately 20%. We grew ambitiously at the start of 2022, building on our incredible momentum and aligning with the trajectory of the broader industry. That trajectory changed rapidly with a confluence of negative economic developments.”

Sources suggest that Crypto.com has 3500 to 4500 employees, meaning the 20% layoffs would affect about 700 to 900 employees. This news is yet another example of the current state of the cryptocurrency industry and further highlights the volatility of the market.

The news of Crypto.com’s layoffs has caused the CRO token price to respond positively. However, it is yet to be seen how the layoffs will affect the company’s overall performance in the coming months. Crypto.com is only the latest in a string of crypto firms that have announced layoffs in recent weeks. Huobi and Coinbase have both followed suit and have reduced their workforces as well.

At the same time, investors are expecting some good news from the crypto market as it is currently on a recovery trajectory. It remains to be seen how Crypto.com’s layoffs and other similar developments in the industry will affect the market in the coming days.

Visite a plataforma web oficial da Tesla Coin

A Tesla Coin gera receitas para os seus investidores ao emprestar depósitos criptográficos na sua plataforma a mutuários institucionais e retalhistas. Além disso, esta plataforma de investimento suporta várias trocas criptográficas descentralizadas utilizando os seus activos criptográficos.

O processo de empréstimo nesta plataforma está de acordo com as melhores práticas da indústria. Todos os depósitos criptográficos são segurados antes de os emprestar a uma troca descentralizada. Por outro lado, os mutuários devem fornecer garantias antes de acederem aos empréstimos criptográficos oferecidos por esta plataforma. Os empréstimos concedidos a mutuários de retalho e institucionais são 100% garantidos.

Esta prática assegura que os fundos estão sempre disponíveis para o reembolso dos juros dos depósitos criptográficos. Devido a esta prática, é garantido aos utilizadores os seus pagamentos diários.

Calculadora de Juros

Actualmente, esta plataforma suporta apenas 5 activos criptográficos. Incluem três moedas estáveis e duas moedas não estáveis: USDC, USDT, DAI, BTC, e ETH. Investindo em qualquer activo criptográfico, esta plataforma oferece um rendimento até 1% APY.

A Tesla Coin fornece uma calculadora de juros na sua página inicial para ajudar os potenciais investidores a determinar o montante de retorno que podem esperar dos seus investimentos. Para utilizar a calculadora de juros, é necessário seguir estes passos simples:

Visite a plataforma web oficial da Tesla Coin

  • A calculadora está na página inicial do site da Tesla Coin; desça a página inicial para a encontrar.
  • Seleccione a sua moeda fiat preferida e introduza o montante do seu investimento potencial nas caixas correctas.
  • O passo seguinte é escolher uma moeda digital para o seu investimento.
    Pode utilizar a calculadora para estimar o valor de potenciais investimentos durante um mês, 12 meses, 24 meses, e 36 meses.
  • Clique no mês da sua preferência para determinar os potenciais retornos durante esse período.


Esta revisão da Tesla Coin não estará completa sem discutir as características de segurança e suporte desta plataforma. Relativamente às características de segurança da sua plataforma, a Tesla Coin assume total responsabilidade pelos activos criptográficos depositados e negociados na sua plataforma.

Esta plataforma armazena todos os seus activos criptográficos em carteiras criptográficas fornecidas pela Fireblocks, um dos principais fornecedores de carteiras criptográficas. A tecnologia Multi-Signature é utilizada para encriptar as carteiras criptográficas. Além disso, todas as contas de utilizador no website da Tesla Coin devem cumprir o processo de autenticação de dois factores (2FA).

A Tesla Coin, tal como muitas outras plataformas de investimento criptográfico, tem várias apólices de seguro em vigor para assegurar a segurança dos activos criptográficos em caso de pirataria. Além disso, a Tesla Coin tem actualmente um fundo de reserva no valor de mais de 30 milhões de dólares para eventos inesperados. Esta gama abrangente de características de segurança contribui em grande medida para a credibilidade da plataforma.


A equipa de serviço ao cliente da Tesla Coin está disponível por e-mail e chat ao vivo para investidores actuais e potenciais. Os utilizadores podem contactar o suporte via correio electrónico utilizando este endereço help@aqru.io. Esta plataforma também mantém uma conta oficial em várias plataformas de meios de comunicação social. Isto inclui plataformas como o Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, e Reddit.

Wie funktioniert ein Bitcoin Konto?

Bitcoin-Brieftasche (Bitcoin wallet)

Sie benötigen eine Bitcoin-Adresse, um Bitcoin zu kaufen. Eine Bitcoin-Brieftasche hat eine Bitcoin-Adresse.

Wir empfehlen, dass Sie Ihre Bitcoins und andere digitale Vermögenswerte ganz für sich behalten.

Das bedeutet, dass Sie eine Brieftasche verwenden sollten, die einen „Hauptschlüssel“ für Sie erstellt, normalerweise in Form von einem Dutzend Wörtern, die Sie von Hand(!) auf ein Stück Papier abschreiben. Bewahren Sie das Papier sicher auf!

Lesen Sie auch diesen interessanten Artikel zum Thema: https://www.specficnz.org/bitcoin-konto/

Die Bread Wallet (BRD) für Ihr iPhone ist einfach zu bedienen und großartig.
Trezor ist eine sichere „Hardware-Geldbörse“, die Sie bestellen können.

Es gibt viele verschiedene Geldbörsen, und es ist üblich, dass man mehrere ausprobiert. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, keine Cloud-Dienste zu nutzen oder Ihr Vermögen z. B. bei einer Börse zu speichern.

Ein sicheres WalletWenn Sie Ihre Bitcoin verwalten und aufbewahren wollen, sind Sicherheit und Schutz wichtig. Deshalb ist es am besten, die Geldbörse sorgfältig auszuwählen. Betrachten Sie es nicht als physische Brieftasche, sondern eher als Bankkonto. Achten Sie immer darauf, dass Sie Ihr Passwort im Auge behalten. Betrachten Sie das Passwort eher als eine „Passphrase“. Ihre Brieftasche ist nie sicherer als das von Ihnen gewählte Passwort. Hier beschreibt Edward Snowden, wie man über Passphrasen nachdenken sollte:

Für zusätzliche Sicherheit gibt es Hardware-Zubehör für Ihre Brieftasche, das ähnlich wie ein Banktresor funktioniert. Trezor bietet eine „Hardware-Wallet“ mit USB-Anschluss, in die es sich lohnen könnte, zu investieren, um Ihre Bitcoin sicher aufzubewahren.

Einfach und zugänglichEs sollte einfach sein, auf Ihre Bitcoin zuzugreifen, wenn Sie Bitcoin handeln, kaufen oder verkaufen möchten. Um die Verwendung von Bitcoin so einfach wie bei anderen Währungen zu machen, können Sie eine Geldbörse auf Ihrem Handy erhalten. So haben Sie immer Zugriff auf Ihre Bitcoin und können sie in verschiedenen Geschäften, Cafés und Bars, die Bitcoin akzeptieren, verwenden.

Verschiedene GeldbörsenEs gibt sowohl „Hardware-Geldbörsen“ als auch verschiedene Arten von virtuellen Geldbörsen. Lokale Geldbörsen werden als Datei und/oder als Programm lokal auf Ihrem Computer gespeichert. Denken Sie daran, Ihre Festplatte zu sichern, falls Ihr Computer abstürzt. Beispiele für lokale Wallets sind Armory und Bitcoin Core.

Sie können auch sogenannte E-Wallets verwenden. Bei diesen müssen Sie sich nicht selbst um die Sicherheit kümmern, da sie von einem Unternehmen verwaltet wird. Seien Sie vorsichtig bei der Wahl eines E-Wallets, da Sie dem Unternehmen Zugriff auf Ihre Bitcoin gewähren. Diese Art von Brieftasche ist nicht zu empfehlen. Es gibt auch Geldbörsen, die sich die Vorteile der oben genannten Waren zunutze machen, die so genannten Hybride.

Der Vorteil ist, dass Sie von jedem Gerät aus auf Ihre Brieftasche zugreifen können und gleichzeitig nicht die gesamte Kontrolle über Ihre Brieftasche an eine externe Partei abgeben müssen. Hier wird Ihr privater Schlüssel verschlüsselt, bevor er an den Server gesendet wird, so dass der Server niemals Zugang zu Ihrem Passwort erhält. Aus diesem Grund ist es nicht möglich, bei einem solchen Dienst „Passwörter zurückzusetzen“. Wenn Sie Ihr Passwort vergessen, haben Sie keinen Zugriff mehr auf Ihre Bitcoin.

Mobile Geldbörsen gibt es in allen Varianten, d. h. als „lokale“, „elektronische Geldbörsen“ und „Mischformen“. Beispiele für mobile Geldbörsen sind Jaxx und Breadwallet (BRD).

Rekordverdächtige $1 Milliarde Bitcoin Futures Liquidation versenkt Märkte

Nach der Hybris des Wochenendes korrigieren die Märkte weiter, nachdem die Liquidationen von Bitcoin-Futures-Kontrakten ins Auge gehen.

  • Die Bitcoin-Futures-Märkte haben über Nacht eine Tracht Prügel bezogen.
  • Liquidationen von Futures-Kontrakten übertrafen $1 Milliarde
  • Die Marktstimmung bleibt neutral, da Investoren den nächsten Zyklus abwarten.

Der Krypto-Rückzug setzte sich über Nacht und bis Dienstagmorgen fort

Wenn Sie dachten, der Aderlass des Marktes wäre vorbei (in diesem Zyklus sowieso), haben wir schlechte Nachrichten für Sie.

Bitcoin ist nach unten 4.5% in den letzten 24 Stunden nach Nomics, Racking bis seine zweite Tag in Folge Verluste.

Von den am Sonntag erreichten Höchstständen von $61.500 wurde Bitcoin in den letzten 24 Stunden bis auf $53.000 gehandelt, was einem Rückgang von mehr als 10% entspricht. Für die Futures-Märkte, das Bild war noch düsterer.

Laut einem Tweet der Glassnode-Mitbegründer Jan & Yann wurden in einer Stunde 500 Millionen Dollar an Bitcoin-Long-Positionen – Wetten, dass der Preis steigen würde – liquidiert. Das war die größte Summe, die jemals liquidiert wurde, laut Glassnode. Die Gründer kreideten die massiven Verluste der „übermäßigen Gier im System“ an.

Aber andere wiesen darauf hin, dass die Verluste sogar noch größer waren als das. Exchange Daten Unternehmen Bybt berichtet, dass die Verluste waren nördlich von $1 Milliarde.

Solch beträchtliche Verluste haben sich laut dem Fear and Greed Index auf die Marktstimmung ausgewirkt. Während der letzten Hausse lag die Stimmung durchweg in den 90er Jahren, was darauf hindeutet, dass die Gier den Preis nach oben trieb. In diesem Monat ist die Stimmung jedoch wieder in den 70er-Bereich gerutscht, was darauf hindeutet, dass der Überschwang vom Februar abgekühlt ist.

Ein genauerer Blick auf andere Marktmessungen auf Market Milk zeigt, dass die Stimmung wieder in den neutralen Bereich zurückgegangen ist, was darauf hindeutet, dass die Investoren diese Runde der Turbulenzen aussitzen und abwarten, ob dieser Einbruch Teil von Bitcoins breiterem Muster von Anstiegen und Rückzügen ist oder ob etwas Größeres im Gange ist.

Mit Blick auf die Geschehnisse an der Wall Street haben Krypto-Investoren Grund zur Freude

Der Dow Jones stieg um mehr als 100 Punkte und auch der S&P 500 Index erreichte neue Höchststände, dank der Verabschiedung des 1,9 Billionen Dollar schweren Konjunkturprogramms, das die Verbraucherausgaben ankurbeln und das Wirtschaftswachstum beflügeln soll.

Dies hat eine Reihe von Ökonomen dazu veranlasst, ihre Erwartungen für die breitere US-Wirtschaft anzuheben.

Goldman Sachs rechnete damit, dass das fiskalische Rettungspaket der Wirtschaft im Jahr 2021 noch mehr Schwung verleihen wird und schätzte, dass das Bruttoinlandsprodukt im ersten Quartal um 6 % wachsen wird.

Aber mit einer Reihe von guten Nachrichten kommt auch ein nagendes Gefühl, dass nicht alles gut sein könnte. Die Märkte werden die Äußerungen des Fed-Vorsitzenden Jerome Powell – der in dieser Woche eine Erklärung abgeben soll – aufmerksam verfolgen, um herauszufinden, ob sich die Zentralbank über die Bewegungen am Anleihemarkt und eine Wirtschaft, die überhitzen könnte, Sorgen macht.

O analista de criptografia Luke Martin dá sugestões de DeFi para vencer o Bitcoin em 2021

– O fundador da Venture Coinist, Luke Martin, prevê um aumento no capital de mercado para produtos financeiros descentralizados.

-Martin deu uma lista dos melhores altcoins DeFi que poderiam superar o bitcoin este ano.

O fundador da Venture Coinist e popular comentarista de criptografia, Luke Martin, publicou uma lista das principais altcoins de finanças descentralizadas (DeFi) que ele espera superar o Bitcoin Bank em 2021.

Falando no último episódio de Profit Maximalist, Martin afirmou estar otimista com as moedas DeFi, prevendo que um punhado tinha o potencial de superar o bitcoin este ano.

Martin citou o fundador da Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu, que disse que o capital provavelmente fluirá para os mercados financeiros descentralizados após a última corrida em busca da criptografia.

Ele disse,

Aqui está o que ele tweetou: „É quase como se tokens DeFi de nível institucional de primeira linha representassem propriedade e participação reais em redes financeiras emergentes ponto a ponto que podem um dia ser a base do sistema financeiro global.

É como se tokens DeFi de nível institucional de primeira linha representassem propriedade e participação reais em redes financeiras peer to peer emergentes que podem um dia ser os alicerces do sistema financeiro global e que estão começando a acordar e entendê-lo também. # DeFi
– Su Zhu (@zhusu) 13 de janeiro de 2021

Martin disse que os investidores estão “começando a entender” com relação ao investimento em altcoin, com a grande maioria dos projetos oferecendo becos sem saída ou falsas alegações de avanço.

O popular analista de criptografia previu que o mercado começaria a mudar para projetos de alta qualidade que estavam „realmente construindo coisas“.

Ele passou a dar sua lista das principais opções de DeFi, incluindo o popular protocolo yearn.finance, plataforma de negociação sintética, Uniswap e rede de empréstimo ponto a ponto aave.

Recorde de US $ 3,7 bilhões em opções de Bitcoin definidas para expirar após o juro em aberto ultrapassar US $ 9 bilhões

Os juros em aberto sobre as opções de Bitcoin aumentaram constantemente nos últimos meses para ultrapassar US $ 9 bilhões, US $ 3,7 bilhões dos quais estão definidos para expirar em 29 de janeiro – um novo recorde – à medida que a especulação e a adoção institucional continuam crescendo.

De acordo com dados do site de análise de criptografia Bybt, os contratos de opções em aberto agora valem cerca de 245.700 BTC – mais de US $ 9 bilhões até o momento – e a maioria é negociada no Deribit. Outras trocas de opções de bitcoin importantes, incluindo OKEx, FTX, LedgerX e o CME.
Opções de Bitcoin Abrir gráfico de juros via bybt

Os contratos de opções de Bitcoin, é importante notar, dão aos investidores o direito, mas não a obrigação, de comprar ou vender BTC em um determinado preço dentro de um determinado período de tempo. Os investidores usam opções para apostar no preço futuro da criptomoeda sem ter que negociá-la. As opções de compra permitem que os detentores comprem bitcoin a um preço determinado dentro de um prazo específico, enquanto as opções de venda permitem que o detentor venda bitcoin.

O interesse nas opções de bitcoin aumentou acentuadamente nos últimos meses, depois que o preço do bitcoin passou de cerca de US $ 11.000 para um novo recorde de quase US $ 42.000 e posteriormente corrigido para US $ 36.200 no momento da publicação, de acordo com dados do CryptoCompare.

Em 29 de janeiro, os contratos de opções no valor de cerca de 101.000 BTC, ou US $ 3,7 bilhões, devem expirar. O número é um novo recorde e alguns analistas acreditam que pode influenciar os mercados de criptomoedas. Como relata o Business Insider, os contratos em aberto em opções de compra – apostas no aumento do preço do BTC – são consideravelmente maiores do que os contratos em aberto nas opções de venda – apostas na queda do preço do BTC.

Em declarações à publicação Craig Erlam, analista de mercado da empresa de câmbio Oanda, disse:

Isso reflete o quão volátil [Bitcoin] se tornou, mesmo para seus próprios padrões, nos últimos dois meses.

De acordo com Erlam, os movimentos de preços que vemos regularmente são “incríveis” e, como tais, as opções estão sendo mais utilizadas. Acredita-se que o BTC se tornou mais atraente à medida que os bancos centrais estão inundando as economias com dinheiro em meio à pandemia do coronavírus, levando a preocupações sobre a possível inflação e desvalorização da moeda.

De acordo com um site que rastreia o uso de bitcoins em tesourarias de corporações, dezenas de corporações agora têm exposição ao BTC, e algumas viram seus investimentos se valorizarem significativamente desde que compraram a criptomoeda.

A aposta de $ 1,125 bilhões da MicroStrategies na criptomoeda carro-chefe, por exemplo, a viu comprar 70.470 BTC, que agora valem mais de $ 2,5 bilhões. Da mesma forma, os $ 50 milhões da Square são agora $ 168 milhões. Algumas das outras empresas de capital aberto com exposição ao bitcoin incluem empresas de mineração BTC, como Hut 8 Mining, Argo Blockchain e Riot Blockchain.

US authority postpones controversial crypto law until change of government

Partial success – US authority postpones controversial crypto law until change of government

The extension of the comment period not only buys the industry time, but also a whole new bargaining chip.

After a flood of feedback, the US Treasury Department’s anti-money laundering agency has now extended the comment period for its proposed crypto transaction monitoring law.

Accordingly, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) announced yesterday (Thursday) that the window for further feedback will be extended. The bill in question was entered two days before Christmas, barely a month before the impending change of government, which triggered fierce headwinds regarding the Bitcoin Sunrise timing, in addition to criticism of the content of the proposal.

The amendment would lower the reporting threshold for crypto payment service providers, such as crypto exchanges, for transactions with self-managed crypto wallets. This would make interaction with such wallets more difficult or more unpleasant, which is why the crypto community sees this as an attack on the basic peer-to-peer (P2P) idea of cryptocurrencies.

The original period for feedback was only 15 days, many of which were again public holidays, which had increased the criticism of the submission all the more. Yesterday’s extension is thus a first partial success for the crypto industry in the debate about the controversial law. For its part, the agency writes: „FinCEN welcomes the many feedbacks and has already reviewed more than 7,500 comments submitted to date.“

Janet Yellen taking over from Steven Mnuchin

With the change of administration from Trump to Biden only five days away, there will be a change of leadership for FinCEN as well. All signs point to Janet Yellen taking over from Steven Mnuchin as the new Treasury Secretary. Although some suggest that Yellen may be as restrictive on the crypto industry as her predecessor, the expansion of the comment period is not only a partial success in terms of content, but also in terms of timing, as the new administration could possibly bring with it a new direction for the Treasury Department and its agencies.

In its extension, FinCEN seems to take into account that a distinction should be made with regard to the type and manner of crypto-transactions. For example, its proposal requires that for all deposits and withdrawals over $10,000, information about the transaction must be obtained or passed on to the authority. In the case of international payments flowing into or out of the USA, the obligation to obtain and pass on information applies from as little as 3,000 US dollars.

For the US$10,000 threshold, FinCEN allows 15 additional days for feedback, while for the US$3,000 threshold, 45 more days of comments can be submitted:

„FinCEN is granting 15 additional days of feedback for crypto transactions greater than or aggregated greater than $10,000 involving self-managed wallets and wallets that fall within FinCEN’s purview. In addition, FinCEN is providing 45 additional days of feedback for the requirement that banks and payment service providers obtain and retain information about international payments.“

FinCEN had not yet responded to an enquiry from Cointelegraph at press time.

In addition, the agency has recently put forward yet another proposal that seeks to achieve disclosure of international crypto assets greater than US$10,000.


  • Es waren harte 12 Stunden für Bitcoin, da die Benchmark-Kryptowährung derzeit dabei ist, die wochenlangen Gewinne auszulöschen, da sie nach unten fällt
  • Der Krypto war nur einen Steinwurf von seinen Allzeithochs entfernt, bevor der Verkaufsdruck zu wachsen begann
  • Von hier aus lehnte er seinen Preis ab und begann seinen Abstieg bis zu dem Punkt, an dem er derzeit bei
  • Ein Grund für diesen Einbruch ist die Besorgnis über eine neue Welle von Kryptomarkt-Regulierungen in den USA, die auf Äußerungen von Finanzminister Steve Mnuchin
  • Der jüngste Ausverkauf traf die Bullen hart, da Long-Positionen im Wert von 750 Millionen Dollar aufgelöst wurden

Anon System und der gesamte Krypto-Währungsmarkt waren in den letzten Tagen und Wochen von einem intensiven Aufwärtstrend erfasst worden.

Der Kaufdruck, unter dem die Krypto-Währung stand, war beispiellos, wobei wöchentlich Milliarden von Dollar zur Marktkapitalisierung hinzugefügt wurden.

Dieser Vorlauf im Jahr 2017 führte schließlich zu Höchstständen von 19.500 Dollar, was knapp unter den früheren Allzeithochs liegt. Bei diesem Preis sah sich das Unternehmen einem intensiven Zufluss von Verkaufsdruck gegenüber, der den anhaltenden Abwärtstrend auslöste.

Die Auswirkungen dieser Entwicklung wurden durch die wachsende Furcht vor einem regulatorischen Durchgreifen gegen Krypto in den USA noch verstärkt, und die Bitcoin-Bullen sahen sich mit weit verbreiteten Liquidationen konfrontiert.


Zum Zeitpunkt des Verfassens dieses Artikels notiert Bitcoin bei seinem derzeitigen Preis von 16.900 $ um 10 % niedriger. Dies markiert einen bemerkenswerten Rückgang gegenüber den gestern festgesetzten Höchstständen von 19.500 $.

Der bei diesen Höchstständen zu beobachtende Verkaufsdruck deutet darauf hin, dass für den aggregierten Markt ein beträchtlicher weiterer Rückgang bevorstehen könnte.

Kommentare des US-Finanzministers bezüglich eines möglichen Durchgreifens auf dem Markt sind wahrscheinlich die Haupttriebkraft für diesen Abwärtstrend.


Ein Nebenprodukt dieses jüngsten Bitcoin-Verkaufs war ein massiver Zustrom von Liquidationen auf der langen Seite.

Wie ein Analyst bemerkte, als er sich auf Daten von Coinalyze bezog, sah sich das Krypto mit insgesamt 800 Millionen Dollar an Liquidationen von Long-Side-Positionen konfrontiert.

„Fast 800 Millionen allein an Liquidationen von Long-Positionen. Der Derivatemarkt hat seit dem Schwarzen Schwan im März nicht mehr diesen Wert erreicht.

Diese Art von Massenliquidationen hat es schon lange nicht mehr gegeben, da die Bullen in den letzten Tagen und Wochen die Kontrolle über die Krypto-Währung fest übernommen haben.