Render Token Price Soars: Here’s Why RNDR is Hot Now

• Render Token (RNDR) recently released a new website and made an announcement that resulted in a 6% price surge.
• This news has caused the RNDR price to increase by 42.49% over the last seven days.
• The new website provides users with information about participating in Render Network Governance, and links to Render Network’s social sub-communities.

Render Token Price Surges Following Announcement

At press time, Render Token (RNDR) was trading at $2.66, up 7.73% in the last 24 hours. The price of RNDR has increased by 42.49% over the last seven days due to recent news surrounding the distributed GPU rendering network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

New Website Launched

Render recently released a new Render Network Foundation website featuring an all-new community hub for The Render Network, including art showcases from some of the amazing creators in the Render Network community. The new website provides a simple, easy way to find information about the Render Network and access its Artist Portal, Knowledge Base, and information about participating in Render Network Governance as well as links to its social sub-communities.

ORBX Export Command Added

On May 22nd, it was announced that revisions were made to the C4D plugin for Octane which includes a brand new feature tailored exclusively for RNDR Jobs – an ORBX export command available through live viewer. This announcement resulted in a 6% RNDR price surge further pushing prices higher than ever before.

The Future Of Render Token

As more artists and studios become aware of this technology and its potential to connect them with mining partners willing to rent out their GPU capabilities at competitive rates – thereby reducing expensive overhead costs – there is no doubt that we will see more upward momentum as it continues on its path towards mass adoption across various industries such as gaming, animation & visual effects production studios etc .

Overall, it seems like good news have been driving up prices for RNDR token lately and investors should keep an eye out for any future announcements or developments related to this project since they could result in even more price increases down the line if they are well received by users across various industries linked with render network’s technology usage cases .