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• FTX reports a cybersecurity breach involving its claims agent Kroll
• Kroll is in contact with affected individuals and taking precautions to secure funds, systems and account passwords
• Celsius Network also experienced a data breach which has had a significant impact on its bankruptcy restructuring process

FTX Reports Cybersecurity Breach Involving Claims Agent Kroll

Defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX has reported that its bankruptcy case claims agency, Kroll, had a cybersecurity breach that resulted in the exposure of limited, non-sensitive customer data of specific claimants. According to FTX, the situation is being actively monitored to ensure that funds, systems, and account passwords are not impacted. The ailing cryptocurrency exchange alerted its clients, lenders, and the general public of the data breach involving its claims agent Kroll on August 25 through the X platform (formerly Twitter).

Kroll Taking Precautions to Secure Funds

Kroll is currently educating those affected by the cybersecurity incident about the precautions they may take to ensure their security. However, FTX made it clear that the systems and account passwords are safe. Additionally, FTX’s debtors have opened a line of communication with Kroll and are closely monitoring the situation as it develops. Customers are urged to be vigilant about emails that could be fake or scams that pretend to be from companies going through bankruptcy.

Impact on Bankruptcy Case

According to blockchain researcher ZachXBT, consumers of FTX are already receiving bogus emails and their personal data has been hacked. Celsius Network also experienced a data breach which has had a significant impact on its bankruptcy restructuring process. It is still too early to tell what effect this will have on FTX’s ongoing bankruptcy case but customers should remain vigilant for any suspicious activity related to their accounts.

Preventive Measures

In order to prevent similar incidents from occurring in future cases involving other companies undergoing bankruptcy proceedings or other sensitive matters handled by claims agencies such as Kroll, it is important for all parties involved to take proactive steps towards protecting customer data as well as improving safety protocols when handling sensitive information online.


FTX’s recent experience serves as an important reminder for customers that there can never be enough caution taken when it comes to handling sensitive financial information online or entrusting third-parties with such delicate matters like bankruptcies via claims agencies such as Kroll. In order for these types of issues not become more commonplace in future cases it will require everyone involved in these processes – both companies filing for bankruptcy protection and third party agencies such as Kroll -to do their part in ensuring customer safety remains top priority at all times..